More items harvested

The first big round of butternut squash came in yesterday.  Also was able to get a second cantaloupe.  The first one was very sweet and juicy.   A bunch of the bell peppers were ready to pick too.  The tomatoes are starting to slow down a bit, I only brought in 15-20 yesterday rather than closer to thirty of the cherry tomatoes.

Here’s a shot of the take:


Attack of the tomatoes

The cherry tomatoes are in mass production.  I’m bringing in at least 20 a day currently.  The better boy tomatoes are ripening too.  I’ve pulled around 13 of those.  The bugs and the birds like them too, so I’ve had to pitch a number of them, but I’m still getting new ones.  Cucumbers are also doing well, pulled four more of those in the last several days.  Okra is hit or miss.  Some days a lot, some not so much.






Brought in the remainder of the first round of corn I planted.  Second round has tasseled and has ears just sprouting silk, so probably a few more weeks for those.

Here’s a shot of take: