June 24th progress

Just an update on where things are…

The first ear of corn was plucked today!  Patience is never any fun when waiting for the fruit of your garden.  The cucumbers have done pretty well, we’ve pulled at least a dozen or so of them out.  Some of them look a little screwy as they were in the corner of the raised bed, so they’re a little bent.  They do taste good though.  The blueberry bush is done, we got about 8-10 berries, all the rest went (quite literally) to the birds.  The butternut squash is getting there, not quite ripe, I have a friend of my mother’s giving me some advice there.  The tomato vines have significantly slowed down their growth and are fattening up the fruit.  A few of the cherry tomatoes are just starting to turn, so not much longer for those.  The others are still waiting, and one of the guys at work said, probably around early July for those.  Some of the sunflowers have a good head on them, the rest aren’t quite there.  Seeing some progress on the cantaloupes, one’s starting to show the cracked surface.  Starting to get growth on the pepper plants.  A few jalapenos and bell peppers are growing.  The okra is also starting to show some fruit.  Finally the summer squash plant was destroyed by bugs.  Beatles appear to have eaten the center out of the main trunk.

Still trying to deal with the Japanese beetles, they’re quite  pain and rapidly trying to eat through the okra and basil.  I have a sudsy jar sitting out there to drown them in, but it’s all by hand.

Check out some pix:

Cucumbers over the end
Some of the better-boy tomatoes
Okra with early fruit
One of the giant sunflowers
First ear of corn
Butternut hanging over the end
Another butternut squash inside the raised bed
The cantaloupe that’s furthest along
Another fuzzy cantaloupe
And a third one…
Curvy cucumber

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